Friday, 27 September 2013

New KTM 1190 is with stability control system

The 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure R touring bikes have debuted with the new Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) system from Bosch, becoming the world's first bikes to feature this rider assistance system. MSC is an advanced electronic rider assistance system that combines the bike's ‘Combined Anti-locking Braking System (C-ABS) and Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) into one comprehensive safety feature. MSC is so effective that for the first time ABS functions even while cornering. MSC works by constantly measuring and processing the bike's lean and pitch angle, wheel rotation speed, braking pressure and acceleration. MSC was jointly developed by KTM and Bosch. As such, expect it to makes it's appearance in other high-end KTM motorcycles, including the upcoming KTM 1290 Super Duke R. By combining ABS and MTC, MSC improves safety on multiple levels, in various instances as listed below. You can watch Bosch video in the gallery, explaining how MSC works. The fact that Bosch MSC system can be retrofitted to existing KTM 1190 Adventure and Adventure R models is certainly going make a lot of people happy.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


Air pressure

Always maintain recommended levels of air pressures in tyres. recommendations are availabe in users manuals of bikes.  low levels of air pressures in tyres effects mileage and some times it may cause losing driver's controle on bike. so, maintaining proper air pressure is most important.


Both rear and front brakes should have the right amount of free play. To check that brakes are not binding, put the bike on the main stand and ensure that both the wheels turn freely.

Air filter

Always keep the air filter clean.. Change the air filter at recommended intervals. if you ride your bike in dusty conditions, then you have clean it more frequently.


Clutch should be adjusted properly and should have free play. If it ove tightened, it may cause accidents. And an over tightened clutch increase the fuel consumption also.

Spark Plug

Always keep the spark plug clean, don't make it get rusted.. check it frequently.


The chain should be well lubricated and should be inspected every 500-700 kilometers, or twice in a month. The chain should be able to move roughly one inch up and one inch down.

Engine Oil

Change engline oil time to time. Running the bike on thickened oil will not only increase fuel consumption but also reduce the life of the engine. so, change the engine oil in recommended intervels. It is better to change the oil after every 2,500 kilometers travel. Use always good quality engine oils.


Youth wish to own a bike.. and they often want to have a brand new bike. may you have a car but biking is somewhat different.
One should make his own decision very thinkfully and carefully before choosing a bike.
Here is a few keypoints to remember before buying a bike..


When you are planning to buy a bike, first you should plan it in your budget limits. For example your buying range is minimum Rupees.50,000 and a maximum of Rs.60,000... First list out all the bikes which are between the range available in market. if there are 20 bikes in your budget range then start your elimination procedure.

Short listing..

Never choose first.. first lliminate some of them which you do not like. may you do not prefer some brands, then eliminate them immediatly. if you do not like the design and style of some of the list, remove it from your list. if you have good knoledge about the dismerits of some bike in your list, remove them also.. finally keep 4 to 6 models in your list.

Take a test drive..

Go to the showrooms and talk to the technicians, then test drive the bikes. After that choose 2 bikes which you liked verymuch.

Know the experience from owners..

Look on roads who are driving the particular bikes which you are planning to buy and ask them how is it. And if anybody in your frineds or in relatives riding the same model, ask them also. It is very usefull to hear the good and bad reviews about the models.

Decide Mileage or resale value..

If you travel more than 100 km per day, better you should go for good mileage bike. If your average travel in a month is less than 2,000 km.. then you can go for any of the bikes in your list.. by brand or by model some bikes may have good resale value, choosing such bikes is also a wise thing. Usually people sell their bikes in 5 to 10 years.. then the bike which have good resale value give good returns to you. So, dicide mileage or resale value? which is important to you.
Toppers in market are toppers in quality also..
Companies which lead the market by selling maximum number of bikes will produce qualitative bikes. The reason is, the more they sell, the more profit they gain. so, they produce high quality bikes. So, buying such top brands may keep you problem free.

Do not compromise..

Buy the bike which you like most in your final list. Do not compramise for the mileage or for the lesspriced.. buy what you like most. If you buy the bike which you liked the most, then you will be happy with it everyday. 
                              ENJOY RIDING...