Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Demonetisation Impact on Two-Wheeler Industry

Demonitisation in india affected all sectors except digital payment industry and some others. perticularly automobile industry suffed a lot.
Nobody would have though that Hero would return to 3 lakh units ever again in a month unless there is a massive turnaround in customer’s mindset. But demonetisation, at one go, wiped off over 1.6 lakh units from their December 2016 sales (year on year). Similar is the case with almost all major manufacturers with the exception of Royal Enfield and a few others.


Mahindra Two Wheelers: 

Mahindra almost lost its entire market and registered a massive decline of whopping 85% and garnered only 1498 unit sales (compared to 10,488 of Dec 15).

Hero MotoCorp: 

The largest two wheeler manufacturer in terms of volume was the second in the list with a decline of 35% as over 1.6 lakh units got wiped off from their December 2016 sales tally (compared to Dec 15). It must be after many years that they would have returned to 3 lakh unit sales in a month (3,12,233 was their figure for Dec 16). Month on month also their decline was very similar with about 1.56 lakh units degrowth.


Erstwhile partner was the next in this list as it shed 85,000 units or about 30% of its sales as compared to Dec 2015. Month on month, its sales of 2.05 lakh units (Dec 16) were about 94,000 units lesser!

Bajaj & TVS:

 Bajaj and TVS lost about 13,000 and 14,000 units in the process respectively when compared with their sales in Dec 15. As compared to Nov 16, the decline for both of them is more significant!

saled decrease(comparison of december 2016 and 2015)
* mahindra  - 8990 units
* hero -163779 units
* Honda - 85382
* TVS - 14747
* Bajaj -13657
total -286555


Among major manufacturers, Royal Enfield was the biggest gainer with a 40 percent increment in sales followed by Yamaha. Piaggio and Suzuki also witnessed growth of a few thousand units.
Summarising it, demonetisation wiped off nearly 3 lakh units from the list of top loosing manufacturers which is about 27% of their sales in December 15. If units do not reveal the magnitude of the loss, let us talk money.
Considering an average of Rs 50,000 for every unit, the loss could be pegged at Rs 14,32,77,50,000 which is equal to 14 thousand 32 crore 77 Lakh and 50 thousand rupees (Is the extension correct?) or in simpler terms over 14 billion Indian rupees!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Mulayam's elders son faught for cycle.. but younger son got Lamborghini Huracan

When Father Mulayam(samajwadi party foundedr) and eldor son Akhilesh yadav fighting for the CYCLE.. the second son is enjoying the ride of Italian sports car Lamborghini Hurac├ín. Its not the case of poor dad and rich son.. just politician dad and non-politician son(about PRATEEK, the second son of mulayam). A video of Prateek driving  Lamborghini Huracan went viral on social media and got much attention from youth of Uttarpradesh.

Prateek, Mulayam's younger son from his second marriage to Sadhana Gupta is seen revving 5200cc 10-cylinder engine that can take the supercar to a top speed of around 325 km/h. Lamborghini Huracan is also claimed to go from 0-100 km/h in a matter of just 3.2 seconds.Prateek didn't tried the old cycle.. he didn't involved in the battle for those two wheeler.. he simply chosed the stylish and speedy 4 wheeler from italian flagship maker. He shown no itnerest in 3,000 valued cycle, he opted the 3 crore value car.

Lamborghini Huracan is the perfect mix of technology and stylish design. crispy streamlined lines, super aero dynamic designe.. and every thing makes you thrill.  The finest Italian craftsmanship lavished on finishes of unprecedented prestige and quality. Your heart will leap when you sit inside and press the ignition button, feeling what it means to have a naturally aspirated V10 engine behind you, and all the technology you need to control it right at your fingertips. Such a vehicle Mulayam's younger son preferred than the old cycle.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


Royal Enfield.. The name is really suitalble to that bikes. Enfields give Royal look to the riders. no doubt it the kings of all bikes. Heavy body, strong look, High performance, solidness are the great qualities of this bike. Now the royal enfield is coming vibrant colours. Every thing is same.. the only change is colours. The new royal enfield classic 350s are in beautiful colours.

Royal Enfield has launched the 2017 Classic 350 model. And also named it Redditch Series. The name Redditch came from Briton. It is   town in Briton. Hope you know Briton is the birthplace of Royal Enfield.. thats why the company named the new series Redditch. These new models are in remembrance of the same heritage.

what are the new colours..?

The new Enfiled is in 3 new colors. Redditch Red, Redditch Blue and Redditch Green. The new colour theme features are  limited to the fuel tank only.  the rest of the motorcycle parts are black in colour lending them a dual-tone essence. The good part is that apart from the RE logo, there are no stickers which make them look cleaner. Mechanically, the 2017 Redditch Classic 350 continues with the same 346 cc engine which produces 19.8 bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of max torque.

2017 Classic 350 Redditch Price & Availability

These models are in addition to the existing colours. Bookings for the 2017 Classic 350 Redditch will open from 7th January across all Royal Enfield showrooms and their on-road prices are as under…

2017 Classic 350 Redditch Delhi: Rs 1,46,093
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Mumbai: Rs 1,57,577
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Chennai: Rs 1,47,831
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Bengaluru: Rs 1,55,456
2017 Classic 350 Redditch Hyderabad: Rs 1,49,340


Many dont know the NAVI bike, a make of HONDA. But the company launched an update to it. The latest one is an adventure bike.. looks similar to the regular NAVI. Honda has officially launched Navi Adventure and Chrome editions. Actually these two versions are just an update to  the regular Navi. Both these variants can be bought at all dealerships in India by paying an additional premium on the ex-showroom price of Navi. Regular Navi's ex showroom price in Delhi is Rs 39,648.


Both the customised models are available in  only in black colour and booked by paying Rs 1000 online through Navi’s official app. Mechanically, both the Navi models remain absolutely unchanged and continue with the 109.19 cc 8 PS and 8.96 Nm single cylinder engine.

Navi Adventure has some accessories extra than Regular Navi. The cost of the adventure kit is Rs 8582 and hence the final ex-showroom price is Rs 48,173.

accessories of NAVI adventure

Under guard
Adventure stripe
Luggage box
Seat cover adventure
Adventure visor
Headlight protector
RR grip
Knuckle guard set

Navi Chrome.. it comes with  Chrome customisation kit. It costs Rs.5055. then the total cost of Navi chrome is Rs 44,713.

accessories in chrome

Side lower cover
Headlight protector
Rear grip
Under guard
Headlight cover
Luggage box